Mindlab International

Studies have shown that three quarters of projects which enter development never make it to market; most political campaigns fail and the majority of government initiatives fall woefully short of target.

How can you ensure that your marketing communications have resonance with customers?

Be confident they stand out, among the glittering haze of competing brands, as innovative and informative?

Because the true driver of consumer behaviour are not conscious thoughts but unconscious motivations, market research that asks people what they think, like or would like, provides data that are more speculation than science.

To obtain the right answers you must start by asking the right questions.

At Mindlab we don’t seek responses - we measure them directly. Our techniques, drawn from the latest findings in cognitive psychology and neuroscience, provide significantly more valid, reliable and operationally valuable insights into the real thoughts and feelings of consumers than do conventional metrics.

Mindlab International – Intelligent Insights for Practical Applications.